The 22nd international exhibition of Industrial technologies and innovations
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The 22nd international exhibition of Industrial technologies and innovations TechInnoProm is held under the patronage of Governmental authorities of the Republic of Belarus.

The Exhibition is included in the program of Belarusian Industrial and Investment Forum-2019, has been being held annually since 1997, under the official support of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, republican bodies of public administration, executive government bodies of all areas of the Republic of Belarus and Minsk city, public associations.

At the same time and place with TechInnoProm will be held the 3rd international exhibition PLASTEC, the 18th international exhibition Chemistry. Oil & Gas, and the 3rd international specialized exhibition Proweld.

Exhibition goal

Innovative industrial equipment, domestic and foreign companies production, and technologies promotion in the regional and international markets; business contacts improving and experience exchange.

  • Outcomes of the Belarusian Industrial Forum and the Exhibition ‘TechInnoProm’

    In recent years the Belarusian Industrial Forum gained the image of international festival for science, outstanding technologies, and effective industrial manufacturing achievements. It became an extensive platform for impactful business meetings and international collaboration.

    More than 200 domestic industrial enterprises, science institutions, small business organizations took part in the Forum this year. The permanent partners of the Event are the representatives of famous foreign firms and companies.

    The guests of the Belarusian Industrial Forum were the delegations and officials from 19 countries, 11 regions of the Russian Federation.

    More than 30 industrial enterprises and science centers performed the latest products and innovations at the collective expositions of 5 Russian regions.

    The participants of the ‘TechInnoProm’ Exhibition were 245 international companies, enterprises and firms from Belarus, Denmark, China, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden.

    More than 3000 specialists including official delegations visited the Exhibition and took part in the Exhibition Events.

    The list of delegations:

    • Orenburg oblast delegation chaired by governor Yury Berg;
    • Kaluga oblast delegation chaired by deputy governor Dmitry Denisov;
    • Sverdlovsk oblast delegation chaired by the first deputy governor Alexey Orlov;
    • Bryansk oblast delegation chaired by deputy governor Galina Petushkova;
    • Krasnodar city delegation chaired by deputy head of the city Dmitry Logvinenko;
    • Ufa city delegation chaired by deputy head of the city Ilgiz Nasirtdinov
    • Novosibirsk city delegation chaired by town council head of Industry, innovates and entrepreneurship department Alexander Lyulko;
    • The Republic of Tatarstan Machine Building cluster delegation chaired by the first deputy chairman of the board Almira Hafizovna;
    • 'Roslegprom' P JSC delegation (Moscow) chaired by CEO Alexander Kruglik;
    • The Ukrainian Union of Industrials and Entrepreneurs delegation chaired by CEO Anatoly Kinah;
    • International congress of Industrials and Entrepreneurs chaired by deputy council chairman Valery Kazyulin;
    • Moldavian National Congress of Industrials and Entrepreneurs delegation chaired by Association president Congress member Alexander Metryuk;
    • As well as officials, representatives of science and business from China, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in the Republic of Belarus.

    Outcomes of the Belarusian Industrial Forum business agenda - 2018

    Within the Belarusian Industrial Forum business agenda 32 events were prepared and performed:

    • Plenary session 'Belarus – place of East and West integration. Future development of industrial potential of the Republic'. 
    • 10 sectional sessions of international symposium ‘Technologies. Equipment. Quality’.
    • Fair of innovates developments.
    • International theoretical-practical symposium ‘Prospects of additive technologies development in the Republic of Belarus’.
    • Conference ‘Marketing B2B – integrator of domestic industrial potential development’.
    • Conference ‘Electronic trade platforms’ Belarusian universal commodity exchange JCS – an effective tool of trading activity’.
    • Cooperation exchange ‘Science and Industry – strategy of innovative cooperation’.
    • Subcontractor exchange in Industry.
    • 14 seminars and presentations of Exhibition participants.
    • Belarusian Welders’ championship with international participation and specialized Exhibition-presentation ‘ProWeld’.

    Plenary session preparations were implemented under the guidance of the Ministry of Economy. Leader of Plenary session: deputy Minister of Economy Yury Chebotai. Moderator: the member of Highest coordination council of the Republic entrepreneurship confederation, director of ‘Business Development center’ LLC Naum Kats.

    77 transactors took part in the Subcontractor exchange. 43 of participants were contractors and 34 – subcontractors. 150 business negotiations rounds were implemented. The organizer of the Event is the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus together with the Belarusian fund of entrepreneurs support. The exchange members interconnected with the representatives of ‘National agency for development of local content NADloC’ SC  (Kazakhstan Republic), Machine Building cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan, HulanickiBednarek Sp.z.o.o. (Poland Republic), Russian Trade Mission in the Republic of Belraus.

    Contact Exchange ‘Science and Industry – the strategy of innovative cooperation’.

    The Exchange agenda included 2 parts:

    1. Foresight-session, within that the invited experts together with participants discussed about the most perspective trends of joint researching and forms of cooperation between the science, research, and industrial sectors. 80 persons took part in the session. 5 experts made their reports.

    2. Interactive session for direct negotiations between the technologies creators and enterprises representatives – the potential customers of scientific and technical developments.

    In all with the frames of the Interactive exchange 60 technological offers from 17 scientific and science-technical organizations were presented. More than 30 enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus visited the Exchange. Among the visitors were the representatives of such companies as Belshina’ JSC, ‘ Vavilov Minsk mechanical factory’ JSC, ‘Minsk motor plant’, ‘Borisovdrev’ JSC, ‘Gomselmash’ JSC, ‘Grodno Azot’ JSC, ‘SvetlogorskKhimvolokno’ JSC, ‘Lidakhleboproduct’ JSC, and etc. 95 persons took place in the Exchange, 40 negotiations were implemented, 9 agreements reached.

September 17 - 20, 2019 September 17 – 19 from 10 am till 6 pm September 20 from 10 am till 2 pm 20/2 Pobediteley av., Roofed Soccer Arena, Minsk, Belarus



In the Forum Agenda

  • Panel discussion "Investing the Future".

  • International symposium 'Technologies. Equipment. Quality'.

  • Innovation Fair 'Industry: from innovation to production'.

  • Belarusian-Japanese Economic Forum.

  • Belarusian-Slovak Economic Forum.

  • International Scientific and Practical Symposium 'Prospects for the development of additive technologies in the Republic of Belarus'.

  • Conference 'Experience in cooperation between scientific organizations and enterprises of industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus'.

  • Conference 'Marketing B2B – an integrator of the development of the domestic industrial potential'.

  • Round table 'Prospects for the use of composite materials in the petrochemical industry of Belarus'.

  • Conference 'Belarus smart industry: formation potential, threats, challenges and development opportunities'.

  • Cooperation Exchange 'Science and Industry – innovation cooperation strategy'.

  • Industrial subcontractor Exchange.

  • Belarusian Welder championship with international participation.

  • Panel discussion: Orsha District – a Region of Accelerated Industrial and Logistic Development. Belarusian-Indian cooperation.

  • Indian-Belarusian Innovation and Investment Forum.

  • Exhibition participants’ seminars and presentations.

Exhibition sectors

Industrial equipment, technologies, and products
Industry 4.0 – digital transformation of industry
Power engineering, resource saving, and ecology
  • Industrial equipment, technologies, and products

    1.1. Technologies and production of processing industry.
    1.2. Hydraulics. Pneumatics. Compressors. Pumps. Vacuum technics. Pipeline valves. Ventilation. Conditioning. Filtration.
    1.3. Equipment and technologies for metallurgy and moulding. Hardware production. Powder metallurgy. Foundry. Recycling of scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and waste of electrical and electronic equipment.
    1.4. Metal processing. Production and mounting of metal constructions. Technologies and equipment for cutting, stamping, forming, bending. Laser equipment and technologies. Welding and cutting. Thermic and thermochemical treatment of materials. Machine-tool and press-forging equipment, technological machine-tool gear. Instruments and stamps.
    1.5. Lines and equipment for surface preparation. Means for anticorrosive protection. Painting. Waterproofing and pressurizing materials, asphaltic emulsion.
    1.6. Non-metallic materials in industry and equipment for its production: ceramics, glass, glass fibers, rubber, plastics, graphite, compounds, woods, etc. Secondary polymeric raw materials.
    1.7. Innovations in construction sphere and housing and communal economy field. Building materials, timber production.
    1.8. Special-purpose textile, garments and footwear.
    1.9. Diagnostics. Technologies and means of measuring and control.
    1.10. Modernization and service. Development.
    1.11. Storage, packaging, logistics.
    1.12. Industrial safety and labor protection. Equipment for work places. Technical control. Integrated safety systems.
    1.13. Setting of output rates, standardization, metrology, and conformity assessment. Supervision of the rational use of fuel, electric and thermal energy.
    1.14. Exchange trades of industrial products.
    1.15. Personnel training, professional development.

  • Industry 4.0 – digital transformation of industry

    2.1. Modern automation of production and continuous technical processes. New IT-solutions for industry. Drives and automatics. Industrial automation. Automated control systems.
    2.2. Innovations in materials technology. Engineering of materials. New special materials with specified characteristics, repeated use materials, new chemical products.
    2.3. Additive technologies, 3D printing, 3D scanning, modeling, and prototyping.
    2.4. Innovations in biological sphere, bio-engineering, synthetic biology. Broad spectrum of activity medication.
    2.5. Aerospace technologies.
    2.6. Telecommunication systems, electronic, and information technologies.
    2.7. Technologies of virtual reality, artificial intelligence.
    2.8. Robotics. Industrial robotized handlers. Automobile-robots, remotely piloted vehicle. Soft and components for robots. Cyber safety.
    2.9. Elaboration of Internet of Things. Cloud services.
    2.10. Approaches, instruments, and methods for high-speed processing of big scopes of different types of data (sensors, transducers, data networks, and others).
    2.11. Technological platforms (economy of joint consumption).
    2.12. High-speed transport systems and communications, transport infrastructure and logistic.
    2.13. Scientific researches and innovative management.

  • Power engineering, resource saving, and ecology

    3.1. Generators and power units. Boiler heating equipment. Radiant heating systems. Industrial accumulators. Uninterruptable power systems.
    3.2. Transformers, capacitors, electric motors, wiring accessories and other electrical products.
    3.3. Automation, control and measuring devices in power supply systems. Electrical cabinets, control desks. Electrical protection.
    3.4. Lighting equipment and sources of light.
    3.5. Industrial power lines on enterprise. Cables and wires.
    3.6. Equipment and materials for nuclear power.
    3.7. Engineering, supply, mounting, repair, reconstruction, tests, and service for electrical equipment of industrial units.
    3.8. Building and operation of heat, water, and gas supply systems.
    3.9. Devices and systems of calculation and regulation of consumption of water, fuel, thermal, and electric energy.
    3.10. Nonconventional sources of energy: sun, wind, thermal pumps, biogas complexes. Waste energy.
    3.11. Gas-engine fuel, equipment for gas-filling stations. Retooling of automobiles for compressed natural gas.
    3.12. Heat-insulating materials, previously insulated pipes.
    3.13. Energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies.
    3.14. Rational use and protection of natural resources. Environmental protection technologies. Recycling. Radiation control and monitoring.

Intelligent Partner


FM Partner


Partner of the Business Program




Exhibiting options and fees

For foreign participants

Prices are given in EUR

  • Exhibiting options and fees for foreign participants

    Registration fee: 190 EUR excluding VAT
    Indoor unequipped area 60 EUR excluding VAT per 1 sq.m.
    Indoor equipped area 87 EUR excluding VAT per 1 sq.m.
    Outdoor unequipped area 20 EUR excluding VAT per 1 sq.m.
    Accreditation of promoter with stand 130 EUR excluding VAT / without stand 250 EUR excluding VAT

    Registration fee is a mandatory fee and covers following services: informational package; organizer's expenses on marketing and promotion; 1 copy of official exhibition catalogue (printed or CD-version); catalogue entry up to 300 symbols including logo; publishing the Exhibitor’s information on the website of the exhibition; 2 invitations for a business cocktail party; 50 Visitor tickets; 4 Exhibitor passes.

    Indoor unequipped area is a bare space with no wall partitions. You can build your own stand or order stand design at our accredited stand construction company. Check the options you may have here. Minimum stand size – 6 sq. m.

    Indoor equipped area includes: cost of the unequipped area, perimeter wall partitions, floor carpet (different colours available), fascia without inscription, 1 plug-socket (220V, up to 1 kW), 1 spot-light for each full 4 sq. m.,1 table with 2 chairs, wall coat rack, waste basket. Minimum stand size – 6 sq. m.

    Outdoor unequipped area is reserved for design installations or portable/mobile stands outside the exhibition pavilion.

    Accredited participation without a stand allows your representative to promote your company inside the exhibition pavilion, to give out leaflets and other promotional materials to visitors without booking an exhibition area.

    To apply for participation, please download and fill in Application forms, and send it to till August 17, 2019.

    Download application forms

    Information Letter
    Exhibition sectors
    Official support

    Participation terms and conditions

    Application form 1 Entry details
    Application form 2 Order of additional equipment
    Application form 3 Order of additional services
    Application form 4 For official catalogue entry
    Application form 5 Stand sheme
    Application form 6 Travel services
    Application form 7 Data for social nets

How to get

You can use any of the following means of transport to get to the Roofed Soccer Arena

  • Bus: 1, 11, 44, 91, 133, 136
  • Trolleybus: 10
  • Minibus: 1051, 1056, 1073, 1089, 1197
  • GPS: 53.933831, 27.508929

Please note that Roofed Soccer Arena is pronounced in a different way in Belarusian language.

Thus, when getting around the city please use the following address:
Futboĺny maniež
Praspect Pieramožcaŭ 20/2
Minsk 220020 Belarus


EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company ExpoForum 91 Pritytskogo str., office 432, Minsk 220140 Belarus

Nicolaévich Alexander, Head of international department


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